Kraft transfers equipment and servicing to GVS

Kraft Foods Away From Home is to transfer its equipment and servicing operation to the maintenance services specialist, GVS.
The new partnership enables Kraft to focus on its core business of providing quality coffee. Customers will benefit from a seamless transition to a company which is entirely dedicated to service for their equipment and service needs.
Justin Cook, General Manager of Kraft Foods Away From Home, said: “We have exciting plans for our coffee business and we are confident that GVS is the best partner to take forward our equipment and service operation, as it already successfully provides similar services to other leading companies. This partnership will ensure we continue to provide great service to our customers.”
GVS Managing Director, Debbie Mann, commented: “GVS is delighted to have been chosen as Kraft’s partner. As a specialist service organisation we can focus on our core business of providing outstanding levels of customer service and we will work closely with the Kraft team over the coming months to ensure a smooth transition.”
The proposed transfer is anticipated to take place in two phases. Phase one will include the transfer of servicing activities and equipment logistics and is expected to take place in May. Phase two will include inventory management and distribution and is expected to be completed in late July 2008.
The transfer will affect 93 roles within Kraft Foods Away From Home. “We are consulting with affected employees on the implications of the proposed transfer to GVS. This will be a difficult time for all those affected and our top priority is to focus on our people to ensure that everyone is treated fairly,” said Justin Cook.