Klix launches its magnificent seven

Drinks systems provider KLIX, part of the Mars Drinks Group, has unveiled its unique ‘7+’ Drinks menu aimed at providing a bespoke solution for the varying demands of the modern workplace and the needs of a diverse audience.
The 7+ Drinks menu starts with the basics; seven ‘must have’ hot drinks, which research, experience and customer feedback confirm are essentials in a vending machine, plus chilled Brita filtered water.
Richard Marris, UK Sales and Marketing Director says: “We realised that the ‘one size fits all’ option just doesn’t deliver any longer. Organisations require a specific menu dependant on a variety of factors, from lifestyle to budget. As part of the Klix strategy to improve and lead the way in vending solutions, we have devised a variety of menu choices which can address these differing business needs.”
As well as being a keen supporter of recycling and the environment, Klix also supports the concept of Fairtrade in its drinks production.  Choosing the Fairtrade menu is another way that companies can demonstrate their commitment to sharing benefit throughout the food chain. The 7+ Drinks menu includes Teadirect’s Fairtrade tea and Percol Colombia Arabica coffee.
Klix also recognised the importance of a tailored menu for those sites which are remote from a central office and can deal with the busiest of locations due to their multiple stocking capabilities. Top-selling products such as Nescafé Gold Blend,
Knorr Vegetable soup and Starburst Orange are among the menu recommendations for the ‘easy operation’ machine.