Key appointment at Nayax

Nayax has appointed Kuz Asti as UK support team leader

Kuz Avasti has joined cashless payments giant Nayax in the newly-created position of UK support team leader, with the brief of ensuring the company continues to provide the industry’s most comprehensive range of customer support services.

A graduate of Sheffield Hallam University, Kuz began his career with a leading POS software development company. Subsequently, he earned a reputation, particularly in the hospitality industry, as an expert in customer support, training and in retail intelligence; skills that provide a springboard to the Nayax role, which the company sees as ‘central to its expansion’.

‘It’s as though everything I’ve done in my career to date has come together to give me the background, the experience and the skills set required to take this job on and make a huge success of it’, Kuz says.

Just a few days into the job, Kuz is spending his time familiarising himself with the Nayax product portfolio. “It’s a new industry for me,” he says. “I’m concentrating on learning how the backend fits together, so that I can work closely with Lewis (Zimbler) to start to deliver his vision for the UK. We’ll be looking to add to our headcount; to improve our documentation and get a greater understanding of our customer’s support requirements. That way, we can act proactively to help our customers, regardless of where they are in their cashless journeys.”

Kuz is impressed by the support features Nayax already has in place. “There’s no obstruction to learning, thanks largely to the online Nayax University,” he says. “I’ve never previously experienced so much information being ‘on tap’. It’s a joy to learn about the products on line, because all the information a customer might need to make the most of the numerous features and benefits the Nayax offer is readily available, concise and comprehensive.”

“The UK market for Nayax products is growing all the time, in common with the rest of the world’, Nayax operations director Lewis Zimbler said. “We’re expanding into different vertical industries, offering new products and creating new business units. Kuz emerged as the ideal candidate to help us ensure that the needs of these disparate customers are anticipated ahead of time. We’re excited to have him on board.”

Kuz adds: ” ’m really excited about the direction of travel of the cashless payments industry and the leading part that Nayax is playing in that journey. The uptake of cashless payment solutions is exploding right now and to be in at the beginning of something that will help define the society of the future is genuinely inspiring.”