Kenco expands partnership with Rainforest Alliance

The Kenco Coffee Company has expanded its partnership with the Rainforest Alliance. By the end of 2008 this will see 75 per cent of the beans for its entire freeze-dried coffee range sourced from Rainforest Alliance CertifiedTM farms.
This demonstrates the next stage in Kenco’s coffee sustainability journey following the successful launches of Kenco Sustainable Development in 2005 and Kenco Pure in 2007. The partnership will offer consumers trusted Kenco quality with the confidence of Rainforest Alliance certification.
Kenco’s ultimate goal is to source its entire coffee range, which includes instant, roast & ground and away from home coffees, from Rainforest Alliance CertifiedTM farms by 2010, as supply becomes available. This amounts to approximately 13,000 tonnes of coffee beans , about 60 million cups of coffee a week; representing a major step forward in the programme with the Rainforest Alliance.
The Rainforest Alliance is an independent international environment organisation that works with farmers to guide them towards sustainability, making a real difference to the lives of future generations. The Rainforest Alliance approaches sustainable farming in a holistic and balanced way by focusing equally on the environment, ethics and economics.
Nick Bunker, Vice President and Managing Director of Kraft Foods UK & Ireland, commented: “This is part of our long-term sustainability strategy – at Kraft, sustainability is about doing what’s good for people, the environment and our business. Consumers are increasingly demanding high quality, sustainably sourced products that make a tangible, positive difference to the quality of life for farmers, farm workers, and their families and communities. Through our partnership with the Rainforest Alliance we are able to provide our customers with quality coffee without any compromise in taste, while helping deepen our relationship with coffee growing communities.
“The Rainforest Alliance Certified programme is comprehensive and fits seamlessly with our strategy and priorities. We are extremely excited about the expanded partnership and are confident that this move will be welcomed by consumers.”
Tensie Whelan, President at Rainforest Alliance commented: “Kenco’s commitment to certified sustainable farming practice will deliver positive and lasting changes in coffee growing communities around the world, as well as providing the great quality coffee that Kenco consumers are used to. This agreement with Kraft Foods, the parent company of Kenco, represents a huge win for farmers, farm workers and the environment on which they and we depend as sustainability goes mainstream.”