Juice dispenser manufacturer embraces augmented reality

Simon Edwards and Karen Cunningham, directors of GenerationJuice

A manufacturer of juice dispensers is using augmented reality to transform its sales process, drive productivity and create new jobs.

GenerationJuice, based in Bromborough, Liverpool City Region, makes app-driven drink dispensers, or drink hubs, designed to serve natural juice drinks from concentrate into reusable bottles, as an alternative to single use plastic and aluminium cans.

After success in the leisure and hospitality industry the business, which launched in 2019, has started to target emerging markets such as education and healthcare.

It worked with Made Smarter’s Adoption Programme in the North West to develop a digital demo experience using augmented reality to enable customers to visualise the dispenser on their site while tasting samples of the drinks at the same time.

The app-based solution eliminates the time-consuming and inefficient face-to-face demonstration process which typically ties up two sales staff for half a day.

GenerationJuice estimates that with new marketing activity to generate demo leads, productivity will increase by 600% and turnover by 50%. The technology investment has also created two new jobs.

Simon Edwards, co-founder, said: “The pandemic had a significant impact on the business, restricting our access to potential customers. We used the time to rethink the way we approached certain processes.”