Industry group formalised to drive recovery and recycling of paper cups

Stakeholders of the paper cup supply chain are pleased to announce the formalisation of the Paper Cup Recovery and Recycling Group (PCRRG), which will be managed and coordinated by LRS Consultancy.

Originally set up as a special interest group, the PCRRG has during its time worked hard to increase recognition that used paper cups can provide high quality material to the market place and that there is a need to ensure that it is captured effectively for use in the supply chain.

The Group’s primary objectives are to continue to drive action around the development of the collection and recycling opportunities for paper cups and identify and support implementation of solutions to sustainably transform used paper cups into a valuable resource.

The areas of focus for the PCRRG will be to:

  • bring together different aspects of the supply chain to better understand all of the different components and stakeholder views
  • develop consistent messaging and to educate the involved parties on material value and recyclability
  • identify industry wide, self-funding, and easy to access solutions
  • conduct in-market trials where appropriate
  • actively manage risks associated with the environmental impacts and legislation of paper cups

The work of the PCRRG to date has been successful in raising the profile of the value of paper cups.  In 2013 alone, the group has engaged with over 50 interested organisations across the supply chain.  Neil Whittall, Commercial & Contracts Director, Huhtamaki said, “By continuing to participate in the Paper Cup Recovery and Recycling Group and formalising the membership, members are continuing to contribute to developing and implementing ways to improve the sustainable collection and recovery of paper cups.”

The development of the PCRRG into a formal membership group marks another step in the industry’s response to supporting the current activity in the market.  It will help to identify new opportunities and innovative projects to capture used paper cups for use back in the supply chain.

Matthew Miller, Group Innovation manager at James Cropper PLC, said, “James Cropper is delighted to be part of the Paper Cup Recovery and Recycling Group.  As the developer and operator of the UK’s first dedicated cup recycling facility, we have long been aware of the need for an industry-wide approach to solving the problem of post-consumer cup recovery and reuse.  The Group represents a strong commitment from all parts of the supply chain to make this a reality.”

The formalised PCRRG already has 15 founding members as of early July 2014.  Along with others, Paula Moon of Nestlé Professional said, “Nestlé Professional is delighted to support the drive towards the whole industry being able to recycle paper cups – another step on our journey to improving sustainability”.  Adrian Pratt, Marketing Manager of Benders, said, “Benders is delighted to be part of and contribute to this industry wide group.  By promoting environmental and social responsibility, the PCRRG’s objectives are completely in alignment with our own corporate values.’’

Susan Nash, trade communication manager at Mondelēz International, said, “Mondelēz International has been working with the industry supply chain to help drive solutions for Paper Cup recycling for many years and we believe this latest announcement is a significant step in the paper cup recycling journey for the benefit of the industry.”

Dee Moloney, managing director of LRS Consultancy, said, “We are really excited to be involved in the Paper Cup Recovery and Recycling Group; we would encourage more organisations to take advantage of the opportunity to help design and implement sustainability solutions that support the development of a circular economy.”

Dylan Jones, Selecta UK’s managing director, said, “As an ISO14001 accredited company, Selecta takes the management and reduction of waste seriously.  We are looking forward to the opportunity to contribute actively in this important work.”

Neil Grundon, Deputy Chairman, Grundon Waste Management, said “We are always looking for new and innovative ways to help our clients achieve their ‘green goals’ and escalate materials up through the waste hierarchy. We see the alignment of the PCRRG objectives with our own Corporate Responsibility programme.”

Oliver Rosevear, Energy & Environment Manager at Costa Coffee said, “We welcome the formalisation of the Paper Cup Recycling and Recovery Group as waste reduction and reusing resources is a key part of Costa Coffee’s Environmental strategy. Since working with the paper cup industry as a member of the group since 2008 we are committed to sharing our knowledge and learnings of how we address the life cycle of our cup so that, together, we can increase recycling and reuse rates of paper cups in the future.”

The PCRRG is keen to represent the whole paper cup supply chain within the UK.  Organisations with great ideas or are interested in this exciting chance to shape the industry’s response to current and future challenges and opportunities should contact Dee Moloney at LRS Consultancy for more information.