In Brief…

Nestlé Waters UK replaces Vittel with Nestlé Pure Life for the sponsorship of the 2010 London Marathon.

Tetra Pak CEO Dennis Jönsson predicts liquid dairy product consumption to fall 1.2% in developed markets in the short term, but expects long term global growth.

Danone resubmits its gut health claim to European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) for the probiotic Activia brand.

Innocent Drinks announces distribution and sales agreement for its smoothies with Coca-Cola Company in Sweden, with possible expansion to other European countries.

In the US, PepsiCo to open a research centre in New Haven, Connecticut, to develop healthier food and beverage products.

Coca-Cola Enterprises appoints UK advertising agency Engine to run its multi-million pound pan-European campaign to promote the company’s environmental sustainability initiatives.

PepsiCo is to overhaul the Gatorade brand including the discontinuation of its Tiger Woods-branded drink, Gatorade Tiger Focus.

In the UK, Britvic and PepsiCo to launch a marketing campaign for the Gatorade in 2010 called ‘Give it back’, rewarding consumers for their sporting efforts with prizes.

In the UK, Royal FrieslandCampina launches a £4.5m marketing campaign for its milkshake brand Yazoo, including a TV advert and on-pack promotion.

UK Dairy Council to launch a three year campaign to promote the benefits of drinking milk to young people involved in sports, with the help of a €2.2m funding package from the EC.

In the UK, GlaxoSmithKline signs a deal with ITV for its Lucozade Sport brand to sponsor the broadcaster’s coverage of the World Cup 2010.

Canada-based Naya Spring Water launches what is claimed to be the world’s first spring water to be packaged in a 100% recycled PET (rPET) bottle.

In the US, Reed’s Inc announces it is to commence production of functional ginger beverages that compete with over the counter medicines.

US company EcoloBlue Life & Energy introduces its newest bottle-less cooler called Atmospheric Water Generators (AWG) that extract moisture from the air, purifying it so consumers are left with the highest quality water available without the delivery, pollution and waste associated with traditional water coolers.

Coca-Cola Company and Unilever publish a manager’s guide on ‘how consumer goods companies can tackle climate change’ to encourage organisations to reduce carbon emissions.

Swiss dairy company Emmi acquires minority stakes in French cheese packaging company Diprola and Italian fresh cheese producer Venchiaredo, to strengthen its position in the two markets.

Coca-Cola France announces it is to launch a diet variant of its Fanta Still brand which uses the natural sweetener Stevia, reducing sugar content by 30%.

Unilever expects to appoint Bristol-Myers Squibb’s former Finance Chief Jean-Marc Huet as Chief Financial Officer, following James Lawrence’s recent resignation.