How a new bottle design helped shape a business

Harrogate Water’s signature diamond-faceted bottle has been recognised with the presentation of a coveted Gold Award at the Design Business Association’s annual Design Effectiveness Awards.

Harrogate managing director James Cain said: “The introduction of the diamond bottle was a key part of a brand strategy that proved a game-changer for our business. We’ve seen business growth of more than 40 per cent and export growth of more than 50 per cent.”

Ian Thompson of Thompson Brand Partners explains: “The design was greatly inspired by Harrogate’s spa heritage, particularly the designs and architecture of Harrogate’s Royal Baths and Royal Pump Room.

Marketing manager Nicky Cain added: “Harrogate’s first spa was discovered in 1571 and the water was first bottled in 1740, making it the original British bottled water. As a brand, we weren’t really connecting with this unique story effectively and we knew that the bottle design would be a key factor in projecting Harrogate’s brand identity. The diamond facets, inspired by The Royal Pump Room, resulted in what everybody now refers to as The Diamond Bottle. The lattice helped to make the bottle more robust while reducing the amount of plastic used.