Hot launch from McCoy’s

Operators should prepare for the hottest summer yet, thanks to a hot and spicy new Limited Edition range from McCoy’s called ‘Extreme’.
Available from this month, the new Red Hot Chilli and Chicken Madras flavours are the perfect choice for real men who can handle the heat. For a spicy fix on the go, these hot summer snacks are available in 50g handypacks. For when consumers want to enjoy Extreme heat at home, there is also an Extreme multipack which includes Red Hot Chilli, Chicken Madras and Spicy Paprika flavours.
McCoy’s is one of the biggest bagged snacks brands with over five million packs eaten each week, eight packs eaten every second and plenty of sales and profit opportunities to be had by retailers. Total McCoy’s is worth £90 million at retail sales value with more than seven million households in the UK eating McCoy’s. With such a loyal following, retailers will always find McCoy’s in hot demand.
Nick Stuart, Commercial Manager at UBUK, comments: “McCoy’s Extreme Limited Edition range offers the opportunity to capitalise on the growing consumer trend for spicy snacks. The Real McCoy’s range is growing by 9 per cent year on year and these Limited Editions have proved lucrative for operarors. Last year’s Limited Edition, McCoy’s Jackets, moved to being available all year round in 2008 due to their popularity. Two TV campaigns are running across the summer. When combined with innovative new flavours, these will help to add new consumers to McCoy’s incredibly loyal following and ultimately, drive sales and profit opportunities for retailers.”