High speed hospitality

Cashless technology specialist, VMC, has further enhanced its product portfolio by collaborating with interactive touch-screen ordering systems experts, Xpress Ordering.
Their first joint project is providing smartcards with integrated pre-ordering service for deli items at the new BP Aberdeen site. The new facility will cater for 300-400 members of staff initially, rising to 1,400.
Rotherham based Deli Xpress provides a touch-screen based system, suitable for both local and remote orders. The multi-function application software offers an interactive self-ordering interface for customers, through the use of touch, sound, text and rich graphical content. The customer builds their order through intuitive screen formats, supported through voice prompts.
Once a customer has placed an order, the system prints a receipt detailing a unique order number, order breakdown, pricing and fulfilment message. The order is sent to the preparation area via a local wireless network connection, ADSL phone line or GSM wireless technology, for completion.
Benefits include:

  • Increased sales typically over 25 per cent
  • Increased average order value typically over 20 per cent
  • Increased order volume of some 15 per cent
  • Reduced ‘walkaways’
  • Faster customer turnaround
  • Order accuracy

Commenting on the new service, Nick Bate, Managing Director at VMC, said: “Working closely with Xpress Ordering has gives us a real advantage in the market place. We’re keen to promote this service to all our customers as the benefits are tremendous. Anyone who has ever had to queue for lunch knows that time is precious and any extra time spent enjoying one’s food rather than waiting to pay is welcome. By removing the lunchtime queues and focusing staff on productivity rather than taking an order, sales significantly increase, along with high levels of customer satisfaction so everyone benefits.”
Nigel Allan, co-founder and sales director of Xpress Ordering comments: “Forging this business partnership with VMC means we are able to offer total hospitality and cashless solutions. Working as one entity we can pass on the benefits of our expertise and quality on to our customers.”