Helping to keep the workforce hydrated

Dehydration is a major problem in the UK and is said to be the number one cause of headaches and daytime fatigue. Despite 80 percent of adults in the UK being aware of the government’s recommendation to drink two litres of water a day, two-thirds of us are in a permanent state of dehydration.
Juice Doctor Hydration Fix drinks have been created to provide a tasty and effective way of keeping Britain’s workforce hydrated, as they hydrate the body more effectively than drinking water alone. They are claimed to help keep the body and mind working properly by providing up to 50 per cent of the vitamins and minerals we need each day.
Made with a natural blend of fruit juice, spring water, vitamins and minerals, they contain no preservatives, artificial colours, sweeteners or flavourings.
Matt Crane, Pure Hydration Director, The Juice Doctor, comments: “In a time-poor society, it’s not always easy to consume the full two litres of water each day. The Juice Doctor Hydration Fix drinks work by being in balance with the body through a natural blend of fruit juices and spring water. Using potassium instead of sodium salts, as well as a small amount of beet sugar, the combination actively encourages water uptake, while providing 50 per cent of the body’s daily needs of essential vitamins and minerals.”
Ideal for workers who need something quick to grab and go, the Juice Doctor Hydration Fix drinks are available in 12 x 500ml screw cap bottles in Tropical, Blackcurrant, Lemon and an award winning Pomegranate flavour.