Half a million mark for leading changegiver Jofemar

Jofemar is celebrating the sale of the 500,000th unit of its best-selling J-2000, the world’s first change – giver for vending machines to include 5 return tubes.

The first prototypes of this model were created in 1997, when most of the coin mechanisms did not offer enough change flexibility for countries where coin payment was more usual than payment by bank – notes. The launch of the J2000, capable of handling the refund of up to five different coin values rapidly became the new benchmark in coin mechanisms.

Since then, several versions have been developed to make it compatible with all vending protocols, MDB, Executive, Electromechanical and BDV. That means it is suitable for almost every machine on the market, enabling them to accept cash and give change.

The J2000 is perfectly compatible with the Jofemar’s advanced, secure coin validators, where the latest counter fraud technology has always been adopted.

Today the J-2000 is in use in more than 80 countries, included as standard on all Jofemar machines and it is the changegiver of choice for thousands of operators used in fitting a Coin mech to any kind of vending machine. It allows them to decide on all manner of settings, including refund type, coin acceptance, product discounts and several other features, so the changegiver can be programmed to meet individual site requirements.

At Jofemar HQ, this latest landmark is being celebrated as a great success for the Company in achieving its objectives of offering the best vending products on the market, from optimising the quality of its vending machines to building the best ancillary products to make a vending operator’s life easier.

Since its foundation in 1971, Jofemar has placed great emphasis on Research & Development. It was Jofemar that developed the first voice activated machine, the first machines with integral microwave, machines compatible with any product shape and, of course, the first 5-tube changegiving coin mechanism.

It is for this success that Jofemar would like to thank every customer who ever had occasion to support us in the purchase of our products.