H20 to distribute OP crates

H2O Direct has announced that it is now an official distributor for OP crates.
The company reports that the crates are made of durable, easy to clean and recyclable food-approved plastic, and is designed to prevent mould whilst being extremely hygienic and meeting HACCP requirements. Whilst metal racks may rust and wooden pallets splinter, OP crates are robust and do not dent or deform.
Their robust construction makes it possible to stack OP crates 12 high with full 19-litre (5-gallon) bottles and 20 high with empties. H20 Direct reports that OP crates can increase the lifespan of your bottles by providing a safe and hygienic storage solution. In the event of damage, it is possible to replace only the damaged OP crate.
Jim Redford from H2O Direct commented: “Our sister company, Divine Water, has been using these crates for over 15 years and are delighted to now offer them as part of the H2O Direct product range.”