GVS Assist moves into Irish Market

The strategic expansion of the GVS Assist group has meant that the organisation continues to grow at a phenomenal rate, despite the current economic conditions. From November 2010 GVS Assist will be providing a direct service to Southern Ireland.

GVS’s strategy has successfully lead to an increase in demand for their servicing expertise with automated refreshment machines, espresso machines and coolers across Ireland. This follows on from winning a major tender from Kraft Ireland to service and maintain their refreshment machines across the country. GVS Assist were awarded the tender by Kraft Ireland after demonstrating efficiency and reliability through the service model GVS successfully provides to Kraft UK.

Debbie Mann, Managing Director for GVS Assist, said: “I am delighted with the recent launch of the business into Ireland, meeting the expectations of our strategic growth plans. This latest acquisition has opened the door to GVS having a clear and sustainable presence in Ireland, enabling us to bring our key values of quality and excellence in the service we provide.”

Mike Paul is Kraft’s Key Account Manager and has worked for GVS Assist for over 33 years. He commented: “Not only has this move meant more business for GVS, it has also provided us with a synergy to service many of our existing UK clients who also have operations in Ireland, allowing us to provide them with the solid and reliable service that they associate us with.”

As part of the ongoing growth for GVS Assist, they are currently negotiating a suitable office and machine refurbishment centre close to Dublin.