Green is the ‘flavour of the month’

Britvic has reduced the amount of glass in bottles of its much-loved juice drink J2O as part of its ongoing work to reduce packaging and energy use within its corporate responsibility programme.

The new 275ml J2O bottle is 20 grams lighter, with each bottle reduced from 200 grams to just 180 grams, saving around 4000 tonnes of glass per annum (at current production levels), the equivalent to 20 million bottles of J2O a year.

The new design has also led to improvements in filling line efficiencies, due to the bottle being lowered in height, as well as energy savings of around 10% as less glass is used during bottle blowing. Additionally the lighter bottles require less fuel to transport due to the reductions in weight.

There will be no visible change to the J2O bottle as, despite the height having been reduced by 5mm, the volume remains the same. The bottle has also maintained its durability and strength ensuring that it can be stacked and stored as usual, which is critical for Britvic’s customer needs.