Green Cup now even greener

The Paper Cup Company’s Green Paper Cup was originally produced for customers who wanted to be more environmentally friendly by recycling cups. The New Green Paper Cup takes things further by helping customers reduce their carbon footprint. For every 1000 cups sold the Green Earth Appeal will plant one tree – enough to offset the carbon and replace the wood used in the manufacturing of the cups.

The Green cup is a single wall hot cup, made from high quality material.  They are in stock all year round and are available in a range of sizes. The Green Cup will have the Green Earth Appeal logo included in the design as well as the Save-a-Cup logo to show customers that they are actively responsible for their environmental impact.

In addition, the tree(s) planted will help support some of the poorest families and help reduce the need for aid and handouts in Africa, Asia and Latin America. Planting a tree on deforested land will help stop desertification as the roots will draw water to the surface and regenerate the soil.

The Paper Cup Company is actively involved in supporting environmental schemes to find methods for recycling paper cups. The firm supports the Paper Cup Recovery and Recycling Group and Save-a-Cup, who pick up used paper cups to recycle them into products such as tissue and packaging materials. For further information on the Green Cup or Green Earth Appeal, contact The Paper Cup Company on 01200 449900 or email them at