Go Ape Drinks

Just over two years ago, Paul Kearns now MD of Tribeca May, Hale was visiting Tanzania and was struck about the beauty of the Gorillas that he saw, when he was there. He learnt that there are just around 720 of these lovely mammals left on earth & decided he should do something to help.

Paul was already in the soya milk business and had a sister company that produced juices.

He decided to launch a brand of Juices called Go Ape, which were 100 % pure and would have the objective of donating a percentage of profits to the Gorilla Organisation.

The Gorilla Organisation works internationally to save the world’s last remaining Gorillas in the wild from extinction by funding grass – roots projects run by local African partners aimed at tackling the very real threats to their long term survival. It is not now so much that Gorillas are seen as trophies, but more competition for the African Rain Forest where they live. De-forestation is a key issue.

Go Ape Juices donate a minimum of £5,000 per year plus 1% of annual turnover to the Gorilla Organisation.

Go Ape was launched in April 2010 with a strong message and distinctive packaging. The brand appeals to a wide section of the population, not just youngsters and in the past 18 months has carved a significant niche in the Vending sector. It is perceived as a ‘fun brand’ and the 500ml bottles stand out well in glass fronted vending machines. It is also regarded a very good value, as well a brand that can generate increased sales.

Its ethical credentials also are of great attraction to schools and colleges, who are keen to support projects that help preserve the planet and all that live on it.

The Gorilla Organisation has other partners including Longleat and Blackpool Zoos. 

Apart from the fifty + vending operators in the UK that buy the brand, Zoos are clearly interested with Chester, Paignton and Whipsnade buying Go Ape in 2011.

If you want to learn more visit www.gorilla-drinks.com or ring us on 0161-924-1050.