Get ready for summer with Ibiza Ice

There has been very little innovation in the wine market lately, but new sparkling wine cocktail Ibiza Ice is set to change this.

Market trends this year have indicated that consumers are looking for exciting and innovative new alcoholic drinks as a departure from traditional fare. Ibiza Ice is the perfect answer: fusing sparkling wine with exotic, natural fruit flavours, with a refreshing result lower in calories than traditional wine or champagne. This exciting new drink is available in two exquisite flavours, White Isle and Sunset, both of which flawlessly embody the sensual Mediterranean glamour of their namesake. White Isle blends lychee, lime, and melon with sparkling wine, while Sunset combines fresh pomegranate and sparkling wine, providing two premium, exotic cocktails to suit any mood. With a 5.5% ABV and almost half the calories of wine, champagne, and flavoured ciders, Ibiza Ice is a perfect and deliciously light alternative, undeniably capturing the essence of summer 2014.


Packaged in a stylish, stay-cool aluminium bottle, Ibiza Ice is ideal for festival season and a great alternative to glass bottles which are increasingly facing on-site bans across the UK. Steady market growth in flavoured ciders has indicated that both men and women have been seeking exciting alternatives to traditional alcoholic drinks. The Morning Advertiser Brands Report 2013 noted that “the past twelve months have seen a slight shift from safe options to the downright intriguing,” with consumers seeking “something that stands out and is a little bit different.” Ibiza Ice takes this interest one step further, opting instead to use a wine base, which adds an exotic twist to these concepts with a captivating premium cocktail. Additionally, independent research has shown that a third of women would be more apt to try a new alcoholic drink if it were low in calories; Ibiza Ice is capitalising on this gap in the market early to provide this option for the whole of summer 2014.


Ibiza Ice has recently launched a digital banner campaign at various sites around Central London to generate awareness and buzz about the product. Ibiza Ice is sponsoring the upcoming London Club and Bar Awards on June 2nd alongside lifestyle management drink Prefunc. Ibiza Ice will also be featured at stands at the London Wine Fair at Olympia from June 2nd to June 4th, Taste of London at Regents Park from 18th to 22nd June, and Imbibe at Olympia on July 1st and 2nd. Also available in exclusive nightclubs around London and the UK, the unforgettable and deliciously natural Ibiza Ice is truly poised to become the drink of the moment for summer 2014.


    • Each premium 330 ml bottle of Ibiza Ice contains 5.5% ABV, with an RRP of £2.49.
    • Ibiza Ice is currently being distributed by Babco and is available at such wholesalers such as Filshill, HT & Co Drinks Ltd., and Madison Drinks Company.
    • Ibiza Ice is also available online directly from Drink Supermarket, where the two flavours are currently buy one, get one free with the promo code “Sunset.”