Gap yawns between the sick & the healthy in UK Automatic Vending market

The first snapshot of how the automatic vending market is changing as a result of the UK economic slowdown has just been released by industry analysts Plimsoll Publishing.

The findings suggest that the brunt of the slowdown is being felt by almost a third of the companies in the market. Surprisingly, almost a third of those surveyed have been largely unaffected, maintaining their financial strength, margins and some managing to even increase sales.

The study surveyed the UK’s Top 487 Automatic Vending firms, based on their latest financial performance. Copies of the full Plimsoll Analysis – Automatic Vending are available to order by calling Clair Sherwood- Parkin on 01642 626422. A PDF version is priced £350+VAT. VI readers can claim a 10% discount.