Fresh pizza 24/7

Pizza Machine at PinewoodLook Pizza’s successful product launch at Pinewood Film Studios this month showcased a rebranded new model of their pizza vending machine. The new model delivers freshly baked pizza to customers in less than 4 minutes and can cook two pizzas at the same time. With thin, crispy bases and up to four choices of toppings, the pizzas are dispensed piping hot in hygienic cartons, ready to be eaten immediately or taken away. Payment options encompass Nayax cashless, contactless card, coins, notes and tokens, meaning the consumer is never without a method of purchase.

Ideal as a canteen replacement service for out-of-hours businesses, university campuses, leisure centres, schools and motorway service stations, Look Pizza works exactly like a regular vending machine, but uses freshly-made pizzas and an innovative patented induction oven system to cook pizzas on demand. “I couldn’t tell the difference between what the machine delivered against a fresh pizza from a take-away or restaurant,” commented Cosmo Pizzas’ production manager.