First mint flavoured zero calorie water

Bottled water supplier Liquidcool has launched the UK’s first mint-flavoured waters, containing no calories, and no added sugar, sweeteners or preservatives.

Three flavours are available – Spearmint, Lemonmint and Orangemint. They are all are made from premium natural artesian mineral water from the famous spa village of Buxton in Derbyshire’s peak district. The water is then infused with natural flavourings including Mentha Avensis, Mentha Spicata, lemon oil from Sicily and Orange oil from Florida.

Liquidcool,  offered in bespoke 500ml PET bottles, with unique high- impact labelling and sport cap closures, offers stockists a special launch package – buy two cases and get the third free, meaning they can stock all three flavours.

Gary McNelis, Liquacool director, said of the products: “As a consumer, I am a big fan of bottled water and it’s a major part of my daily routine. After a while, I became tired of my usual brands, the regular flavoured waters were just too sweet and not quite refreshing enough, plus some of them contained hidden calories.

“We are the first UK company to offer flavoured waters using mint as the main flavour ingredient and have had great interest from vending companies, especially those operating within schools and colleges. We plan to direct sell to AVA members offering discounts on all prices.

“Our bottles are bespoke with the brand name embossed on the neck. The label has a chrome effect and has the logo printed on the inside which is magnified through the water, also our sport cap closures are top quality colour coded.

“While attending a business conference, I had been served both bottled water and mints as a way of keeping hydrated and refreshed throughout the day, this is when as the saying goes ‘the penny dropped’. The Liquidcool Mint Water concept was developed from there.”