First Chairperson of the EVA’s Cup Committee

Silke Ruschke, Huhtamaki Marketing Manager for Central Europe, has been appointed as the first Chairperson of the EVA‘s Cup Committee.

The European Vending Association set up the Cup Committee a year ago for the purpose of promoting disposable cup use in vending machines. After initial meetings, Silke Ruschke was unanimously elected as Chairperson by all Cup Committee members.

Ms. Silke Ruschke, who is a German national, was promoted from her position as European Marketing & Development Manager to Marketing Manager for Central Europe, by the Finnish plastics manufacturer, Huhtamaki, in January 2009. Prior to joining the company, she worked as Marketing Manager for both the dairy industry, and Huhtamaki, from 2002 to 2005. She also worked for the Sarlorlux Chamber of Commerce, dealing with issues related to the environment, from 2000 to 2002. Ms Ruschke is a geographer by profession (Master Degree obtained from the Trier University). She brings both her knowledge of the environment and the plastics industry to the Cup Committee.

The European Vending Association decided to create a Cup Committee in order to find a way of improving the image consumers and public purchasers have of disposable or single use cups. Silke Ruschke stated: “It is our core target to work on the consumers’ perception of single-use vending cups! We are fully aware of our responsibilities vis à vis the EVA, and the European vending industry in general. Our priority is to lobby effectively for the packaging that carries the coffee from the vending machine to the end user!”

Catherine Piana, the EVA’s Director General, commented that both the vending and cup industries worked very closely with the end consumer and therefore, as representatives of the automated vending trade, it was of paramount importance to keep consumers or potential consumers informed. The European Vending Association is confident that a thorough information scheme will bring added value to the vending industry, and especially to its image.