FFI the coffee people unveil new FAIR INSTANT and In Cup Plus partnership

FFI the coffee people, unveiled their latest project at the Caffé Culture exhibition in May. They believe this exclusive partnership with In Cup Plus will further the FAIR INSTANT proposition.
Caffé Culture was the perfect opportunity to unveil groundbreaking new partnership between FFI the coffee people and In Cup Plus, innovators of the highly acclaimed Xen-550 drinks vending system, which delivers quality drinks through a system that uses few moving parts, is easy to clean and operate, and is offered free of service or maintenance contracts.

This collaboration will enable In Cup Plus to switch exclusively to supply FAIR INSTANT coffee through all its machines. In Cup Plus were so impressed with the FAIR INSTANT proposition that they ‘simply had to be part of it’ comments CEO, Barry Marks. They will be paying a premium of 50p per kilo for FAIR INSTANT coffee which will go directly to Save the Children.

Austin Sugarman, Sales and Marketing Director, FFI the coffee people, comments: “We’re delighted to partner with In Cup Plus and take our Fair Instant campaign to the vending sector. By switching exclusively to Fair Instant, In Cup Plus is making a statement about how it wants to do business. We’d like to see more companies follow the In Cup Plus example and switch to Fair Instant at work.”

To find out more about FAIR INSTANT visit the website at www.fair-instant.co.uk.