Fast, compact kiosk printer

Building on its range of kiosk printers, DED has introduced the Star Micronics TUP500 – based on the tried and tested TUP900 model, known worldwide for providing effective printing solutions in a host of applications. The new TUP500 brings new features along with versatility to the kiosk printing marketplace.

Demonstrating top level, the TUP500 prints thermal receipts, tickets, barcodes and labels at the fast speed of up to 220mm per second using the standard 15cm paper roll. The compact unit offers an easy ‘lift and tilt’ mechanism for hassle-free paper loading of stock from 45 – 82.5mm wide and up to 0.15mm thick.

Offering a versatile, open frame kiosk printing solution, the TUP500 features removable metal sides as standard so that the paper spindle holders or control panel can be relocated to meet the most demanding of kiosk layouts.

Options on the TUP500 include a flashing paper exit guide/snout which flashes green to direct customers where to remove their receipt/ticket from and flashes red when the paper roll has run out. Another option is the 25cm paper roll holder for horizontal or vertical use (maximum capacity of 18cm in vertical role).

The TUP500 has an energy-saving, low peak current mode, a reduced top margin as well as a document capture/anti-litter mode for the internal storage of unwanted or forgotten output.