Exclusive Lucozade bottles contained contactless technology

From May 30 to June 2, Lucozade offered 5,000 commuters travelling through Oxford Circus tube station one completely free journey using one specially-designed bottle of Lucozade Energy.

The 5,000 bottles contained a contactless chip in the bottom and entitled users to one free journey on the underground when tapped on the oyster card reader.

This offer kicked off Lucozade’s Find Your Flow campaign which is set to further raise awareness of Lucozade Energy among busy consumers.

Ashleigh Roberts, senior brand manager of Lucozade Energy at Lucozade Ribena Suntory said: “This fun activation is a unique way for the brand to help consumers find their flow and get the most out of every day. The 2016 Find your Flow campaign was incredibly well-received and delivered exceptional results. Throughout 2016, we saw Lucozade Energy Orange grow by £11m in value sales – an impressive outcome for a SKU already worth over £180m. This year, we’ve challenged ourselves to push the creative boundaries even further and we’re excited to launch our summer campaign in this novel and engaging way.

“As category leaders, we recognise how critical this time of year is for retailers and that’s why we’re supporting the energy brand segment with high-profile activity throughout this period.”

In a typical year, drink now soft drinks benefit from an average 17% retail sales value uplift from June to August. With category leading products like Lucozade Energy already worth over £317m RSV, retailers should make sure they are stocking best sellers to make the most of the profit opportunity on offer.