EVA promotes cashless payments

The EVA announces that its EVA CVS 1.3 is now finalised and available. It has been endorsed by the US Vending Association NAMA, as the standard for Cashless Vending. The main innovation is the ability to fit a compact reader to  table top machines.
Says Mr. Jürgen Göbel, the newly appointed Chairman of the Cashless Committee: “The objective of the specification is to provide information and advice for an easier and faster adaptation and implementation of cashless vending solutions to all operators in their businesses. Although cash still dominates in the vending industry with increasing costs for its handling, the CVS helps promote cashless payments in vending in order to reduce costs and add value and services.
“This specification builds a bridge between the vending industry and the card payment scheme suppliers as well as the equipment suppliers. It clearly separates the application of the vending machine from the application of the cashless payment device by using the standardized MDB protocol and a clear user interface description. The registration is an easy process of self-certification which demonstrates a clear commitment of the manufacturer to allow mutual compatibility of the vending machine and the cashless payment device.
“The Cashless Committee encourages equipment supplier companies to apply for registration. This will promote the specification and finally increase the use of cashless vending.”
Catherine Piana, Director General of the EVA, further commented: “I am very pleased with the release of the EVA-CVS 1.3., which has received strong support by the industry and by our US counterparts, NAMA. The EVA is eager to help develop solutions that will improve the efficiency of operator businesses as well as reducing costs.”