EVA announces 2 blogs

The European Vending Association has created “The 24/7 blog” (www.vending-europe.eu/en/blog.html) and a Linkedin group, “The Vending Group” (www.linkedin.com).

Catherine Piana, the Director General of the European Vending Association, is confident that providing a free space to be connected and to discuss is one exciting way of getting closer to the human face of the vending industry. The creation of these two websites will assist in establishing a “vending community”. 

The European Vending Association will act as a supervisory body, publishing only comments or discussions that are not inappropriate or offensive to any person or business. The blog interface is extremely user-friendly; moreover, the Association will be available to assist any user experiencing practical difficulties with its use. Posts will be published by the European Vending Association and users will be able to write comments underneath. In some cases, the EVA will also publish posts from users, who wish to launch a debate. For the opening of the blog, the European Vending Association has collated some welcoming words from fellow colleagues in the industry, who represent some of the Committees organised by the Association.

“The Vending Group” in Linkedin serves a similar purpose to the blog, with its offer of various news and discussion categories. The added value of Linkedin is that it offers the possibility to create connections between people in the vending industry. This idea of networking can be very helpful in the business environment, particularly when attending trade shows and conferences.

The European Vending Association hopes to be successful in its role of community contact point and this for the benefit of all its users. Join in on www.vending-europe.eu/en/blog.html and www.linkedin.com.