EVA alliance with EPDWA

The European Vending Association announced its new alliance with the European Point-of-use Drinking Water Association (EPDWA) on June 11. The cooperation will benefit both Associations, being both complementary in their activities.

The European Vending Association organised a press conference during the AVEX trade show in Birmingham, in the NEC Exhibition centre, on 11 June. The European Vending Association announced its dynamic, new alliance with the European Point-of-use Drinking Water Association (EPDWA). Amongst those present, were Mr. van Amerongen (EVA President), Mr. Anderton (EPDWA Chairman), Mr. Krohn (EPDWA Vice Chairman), and Ms. Piana (EVA Director General).

The EPDWA, formed 10 years ago is the association for POU manufacturers and distributors, with more than 150 members (http://www.epdwa.org). The European Vending Association represents 58 companies and 19 national associations from all the segments (machine and parts manufacturers, operators, payments systems, etc) except for the point-of-use machines (www.vending-europe.eu). The EVA has a proven track record of positively influencing EU policies on behalf of the vending industry and is offering the benefit of its experience & lobbying networks in Brussels to the EPDWA.

The EPDWA has been reviewing its European strategy in an effort to utilise the successful formula that has been widely adopted in the UK. It is believed that as mains fed units start to proliferate through the rest of Europe, the knowledge gained by the association can be used as a benchmark and template for other national governments, suppliers, distributors, as well as end users. The new partnership between the two associations is seen as the starting point for getting this message across Europe.

James Anderton, Chairman of EPDWA stated that: “The overlap between the two associations is simple; many vending solutions include the utilisation of a mains water source, connection and even filtration. Therefore any future policy decision in these areas would represent a similar issue to mains fed coolers providers. This agreement gives the EPDWA the platform to access to a wider membership and importantly to the Brussels policy makers. This will ensure that the voice of the European water cooler industry and its members are represented during policy debating and shaping.”

Arnaud van Amerongen, Chairman of EVA expressed that: “Whilst influencing policy is an intricate and involved process, it is imperative to get one’s message across clearly as early as possible and most importantly before legislation is created. Contrary to popular belief, Brussels politicians encourage industry input, recognising that they need specialist knowledge to ensure that policies are robust and workable.”

This is a major development for both associations and it clearly shows the direction in which the EPDWA is now headed. It also underpins the importance that the EVA places on the water cooler industry as part of its own umbrella offering. This partnership will create a more focused approach to lobbying the Brussels policy makers on European water initiatives.