Espresso to the people

Julia Wilson, Sales Manager and Steve Dolman, Training Manager with N&W Global Vending, recently hosted a four-day Summer Roadshow in Bradford – N&W’s first in Yorkshire.
Held at the Hilton Hotel, the event brought together a who’s-who in the vending industry, including representatives from Refreshment Systems, Consultant Catering Services, Upton Vending, White Rose Vending, Autobar, Moran Beverage Services, Bensons Vending and 3M Water Filtration.
With a series of workshops running over the four days, aimed at distributors and engineers, N&W were able to provide a comprehensive insight into the complete K Range – with delegates having access to the Kobalto, Korinto and Koro together with the newly-launched Big One and the Snakky Max.
Working closely with Steve Dolman gave everyone a more in-depth knowledge of the benefits of the equipment, and more importantly, the skills to create the perfect espresso. Steve commented: “The Roadshow gave us a unique opportunity to really connect with our customers, and show them just how flexible our table tops are. It’s all about quality and giving the barista the equipment to be able to create great drinks.
“People think ‘bean to cup’, the machine grinds the beans and bingo great coffee. But it’s so much more than that; we give the barista more control over the end result. It’s all about how you achieve the correct strength to suit a customer, setting the powder cycles, pre-infusion, making a drink look visually appealing and ultimately replicating the high street offering.”