Energy efficient

Marco Beverage Systems, one of Europe’s leading designers and manufacturers of beverage making equipment, has launched a new energy efficient water boiler range, the Ecoboiler.
Marco believes that with the era of cheap energy now behind us and global environmental issues to be addressed, more attention should be paid to the lifetime costs of a water boiler rather than simply buying on price. “In fact”, says Marco’s UK Sales Director, Chris York, “although no more expensive to purchase than a standard water boiler, the projected savings over the lifetime of the Ecoboiler are so substantial that they may far exceed the cost of purchasing a competitor’s model. That can be the equivalent of having a free new boiler every four years.
The Ecoboiler range is designed to deliver ‘best in class’ energy efficiency at a price in line with standard boilers. In comparative tests, it is clamed to offer energy savings of up to 45 per cent over the course of a year on the standby costs of the boiler.
Savings are achieved by improved insulation, a redesigned boiler configuration, a half fill ‘Eco mode’, for use in quieter periods and an engineer adjustable temperature setting. The new range is available in 5 and 10-litre immediate draw-off push button dispenses models and 5, 10, 20 and 30-litre draw-off tap models.