EDWCA provides hot water guidelines for members

EDWCA european-drinking-water-association-logoThe EDWCA (European Drinking Water Association) has announced that it is the first UK trade association to incorporate guidelines on hot water dispenser into its audits.

Hot water provision is a currently a key concern for the water industry; over the last 18 months the  industry has seen a growth in this sector of the market as consumers look for quick and convenient way to dispense hot water. Hot water dispensers can provide hot water at volume that replaces the need for numerous kettles, as well as offer continuous hot water – something that is not always available from a hot/cold water dispenser.

Tracy Corroll, EDWCA auditor and trainer, who has ten years’ experience working with boilers, believes it was crucial this sector was added to the EDWCA Audit Guidelines and she will be talking to members to help them achieve the new standard.

Tracy  commented: “As the volume of hot water dispenser grew within our membership base, it became clear to the EDWCA that our members required support and guidance within this field. Once again the EDWCA is setting the standard for its members by introducing guidelines and best practice advice. This enables the EDWCA to keep our members aware of the Health & Safety legislation surrounding installation of hot water boilers.”