Edible straws can now be customised

Disposables manufacturer and supplier, Herald, is offering a customised version of its edible straw. Club, bar, venue and events managers, along with caterers and food to go suppliers, can now order printed versions of the straw.

The UK’s sole supplier, Herald introduced the edible straw over 12 months ago to an appreciative audience affected by the publicity surrounding the damage to the environment and ocean life caused by plastic straws.

Currently available in lemon, lime, strawberry, cinnamon, ginger, apple and chocolate flavours, the straws can be printed on down one side, allowing businesses to experiment with branding to support their own marketing strategies.

Managing director of Herald Plastic Yogesh Patel explains: “There’s no recycling issue as the product is disposed of in the most tasty and enjoyable way, making the straw a responsible, as well as enticing, fun alternative to other straws on the market.”