Drenched in Sunshine and Water

Cymraeg Vending Ltd Wales premier vending company were the main sponsor of the 10 kilometre Charity race in Cardiff that saw a record number of entries (over 3,200 runners with 1000’s more lining the route which had been closed to traffic for the event), all helping to raising money for Kidney Wales and other Health partners.

Cymraeg Vending provided 8,000 bottles of ‘Drench’ water for the runners that saw 14 of the company’s staff volunteering on their day off to distribute the thirst quenching bottles along the route, two of whom Marcin & Ula Wasiluk, made a last minute entry to the earlier 2 kilometre race. Cymraeg Vending would like to thank Britvic Soft Drinks for their support on the day by donating some of the water. The event was organised by the Kidney Wales Foundation and is expected to raise over £100,000. As Jason Boull – Cymraeg Vending’s Service Manager commented and excuse the pun “It all went down very well”. For the young children who suffer from kidney related problems and their parents the money raised will go a long way towards helping to support them in their times of greatest need. Managing Director Dave Boull commented “The whole event was most satisfying from beginning to end and we were delighted to be part of it.” Cymraeg Vending who have been serving Wales and the West of England for over 28 years will be drawing on their vast customer base to help expand next years event. Using Cymraeg Vending’s quality Drinks, Snacks and Can machines we have a captive audience of 100,000’s who can help make a real difference to the patents and their families effected by Kidney disease. To find out more go to www.cymraegvending.co.uk