drench show us their ‘Jazz Hams’

Britvic is launching a new drench advertising campaign starring a hamster jazz band and demonstrates that best performances come from being hydrated.

Hamster Factor

Following the tongue-in-cheek classified adverts placed in several publications including The Sun, The Metro and The Stage, drench was inundated with eager applications to cleverhamsters.com. Musical hamsters then ‘queued’ outside London’s Jazz Café to bid for a starring role in the ad. The nationwide search, chose four hamsters to form ‘The Clever Hamsters’ and star in the advert, which shows them performing a note-perfect jazz track, whilst keeping themselves topped up with drench spring water.

Tom Dalton, Brand Controller for drench said: “I can safely say I think we have managed to find the most talented hamsters in the UK to star in our new ad. I challenge anyone to find a hamster more skilled than Miles on the saxophone! We are pretty confident the jazz skills of our hamster band will bring a smile to everyone’s face this Christmas, cleverly demonstrating that drench gives people (and hamsters) the tools to stay hydrated and perform at their best.”

The Band

Miles on the saxophone, Fats on the trumpet, The Duke on the harmonica, and Dizzy on the oboe were the lucky four selected to form ‘The Clever Hamsters’. Their jazz talents are being aired on TV for the nation to see. To watch the full ad visit www.staydrenched.co.uk