Crem launch Qubik Milk at Caffè Culture

Crem International UK Ltd have just completed an excellent show at Caffè Culture, London, where they have launched the revolutionary Qubic Milk.

The stunning Qubic Milk is a coffee machine based upon new logic and vanguard technology and will change how people drink coffee in fast food restaurants, convenience stores and offices round the world.

The result of a partnership between Coffee Queen and Swedish dairy concern Miko, is a bag-in-box solution that contains regular, semi-skimmed milk that is pasteurised at ultra high temperatures and then packaged aseptically. Forget refrigeration and the constant need to buy small quantities of milk on a regular basis. This practical five litre container can be stored at room temperature for up to six months. Once opened and properly installed in the machine, the milk will stay fresh for days!!

This machine is about perfectly brewed coffee with milk. Finished in dramatic black or innocent white, CQube can also be ordered to display your own branding on the front.

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