Crem International acquires Spengler

crem-logo-twitter_400x400Maas International Group sells and Crem International acquires Spengler

The acquisition of manufacturer Spengler strengthens beverage solutions provider Crem International’s product and technology offering as well as increasing the reach for its products from a market perspective. The extensive knowledge and experience possessed by the Spengler team as a result of its vertical integration with Maas International is set to bring a lot of value to Crem.
Maas International continues its reorientation strategy

The sale of Spengler is the final step in the strategic reorientation of the Maas International group. It further strengthens the focus of Maas International on its core markets of The Netherlands, Denmark and Germany.

Wouter Fijnaut, CEO of Maas International, commented: “Bringing Spengler into an entrepreneurial environment driven by technological development, design and manufacturing excellence will benefit both Spengler and Maas International. We, Maas International, can focus fully on our new strategy ensuring that people have access to the best selection of high quality food and drinks 24/7 in a suitable environment. Spengler can build further on its strong heritage, within an organization with full attention to R&D, design, manufacturing and assembly.”

Sebastian Lindström, CEO of Crem International, added: “The addition of Spengler into Crem will strengthen our offer to our customers and bring valuable knowledge into our technical and commercial teams. Spengler complements Crem perfectly in the areas of Technology, Product and Market. The fact that both companies have an entrepreneurial core is key and will be instrumental for the successful integration of the companies.”