Crane raises the Green Bar

As part of Crane Merchandising Systems’ ongoing efforts to be responsible stewards of the environment, the company is pleased to announce that all new machines are available with a CarbonNeutral® option.

The CarbonNeutral option allows for the offset of the unavoidable emissions of operating vending machines whether it be from the electrical consumption of the machine itself or the travel required to the machines for filling, servicing, etc.

The purchasing of carbon offsets goes to finance projects elsewhere in the world that recapture an equal amount of carbon, a process that otherwise wouldn’t be financially viable or possible without the purchase of the offsets.

The CarbonNeutral option follows other environmental developments from Crane, including power saving software, and A++ EVA EMP ratings on both the BevMax cold drink and Merchant snack machines. When you combine these existing environmental initiatives with the CarbonNeutral option now available from Crane, there is no greener option available on the market today.