Crane Payment Solutions at AVEX

At AVEX 2013 Crane Payment Solutions will once again demonstrate their experience and expertise in producing high quality payment systems and technologies. Amongst the products included on the stand will be two exciting innovative solutions for interactive cashless paying via mobile phones: The NFC cashless payment system “currenza NFC Vend” and the QR Code reader for vending machines.

The key feature of the currenza NFC Vend system is the flexible payment method via mobile phones, keys, cards or tags. With a fresh styling to direct users to the vending machine, the NFC-Vend system is available either as a standalone cashless version or can be integrated simply into the coin changer. Furthermore, the system can be easily retrofitted to existing machines, which means nothing has to be changed in the machine.

Another of Crane Payment Solution’s recent vending solutions will also be exhibited in the form of the QR reader. This reader identifies users in front of the vending machine with the help of a QR Code on a mobile phone. The reading of the QR code enables economic loyalty programs to considerably improve user – operator relationship. Users’ profiles are evaluated in order to offer specific advantages and relevant promotions, creating an interactive payment experience for the end user. The QR code reader can be easily installed in new machines and existing machines can be easily retrofitted.

Additional products from Crane Payment Solutions’ extensive portfolio that can also be found on the stand include the NRI currenza c² airport and the Crane Payment Solutions v² colibri. The currenza c² airport offers real time monitoring of vending machine data and payment system error messages – not just via SMS, but also via email. Machine prices can now be changed remotely without the need for someone doing it manually at the machine.

The 3,5” coin validator v² colibri combines the best of NRI and Money Controls technologies and offers much higher security and fraud protection as well as fast coin acceptance. The double interface comes with both 10 pin and 16 Pin adapters on board.

Come and visit the Crane Payment Solutions team represented by Sales Manager Mark Simmons and Technical Sales Manager Nick Norris at AVEX 2013.