Control panels on show

EAO, the expert partner for Human Machine Interfaces, is displaying a selection of custom-built control panels at an online presentation: The presentation includes panels which have been developed for a diverse range of applications.
Each one has been built to a unique design specification according to the requirements of the application, but they all feature the most up-to-date technology using the best components and design.
Among those on display are a rugged membrane switch panel with two-stage illumination, a UV stabilized front foil and customisable legend printing; a rugged stainless steel panel with halo illuminated switches, CANbus interfaces and special connectors; membrane switches within a stainless steel housing containing microcontroller; and a control panel featuring variable illumination, dimming circuits, microprocessor and customisable key legends.
Dejan Lukic, EAO Customer Projects Manager, explains: “Customers want more than standard products: they want us to develop the entire Human Machine Interface. At EAO, we solve the complex HMI issues by examining technical, ergonomic and commercial specifications. We align equipment and task, to enable user and technology to work in complete harmony. Put simply, we make the equipment work better.”
He says that for the customer, the benefits include more clearly-defined, functional controls and greater comfort of use for the operator. This reduces the likelihood of errors in operation and the dangers associated with poorly defined controls.