Commitment and enthusiasm for 2008

Successful industries thrive when they have a dynamic and forceful association, supporting them and ensuring that the government and other opinion formers are aware of the industry and its special issues.
Fortunately AVA is a ‘can do and will do’ organisation and takes on this role with commitment and enthusiasm.
Talking to government
Speaking up for vending is the mission of the AVA and this is most clearly demonstrated in its regular contacts with the government and other influencers.
AVA can do this effectively because it speaks on behalf of the whole vending industry – manufacturers, operators and their suppliers. This is unusual in a trade association and a fact which AVA can use to its advantage.
A fresh look at vending
Issues tackled recently have included vending in secondary schools.   Implementation of the new requirements has been that bit more challenging because Scotland, Ireland, England and Wales have each set their own, slightly different, rules. AVA’s most recent addition to the debate has been mentoring the School Food Trust with their booklet ‘A Fresh Look at Vending’ offering guidance for English schools.
Water quality
Water and water quality has continued as a big issue – not surprising with the industry using 1.5bn litres of water each year. Progress has been made on this with approval from the Food Standards Agency for the recently published “Guide to Compliance with the Food Hygiene Regulations for the vending and dispensing industry”. Appendix III of this Guide is where you find the water details. Copies are available from
Coming soon…
The next areas to be tackled are allergens, potential changes in the composition of the UK coin set as well as the biggie – reducing the industry’s carbon footprint through addressing machine energy usage, reclaiming and recycling machines, cups (paper and plastic).
Some of these will be tackled together with our colleagues in the European Vending Association where we can bring not just the weight of the UK and Ireland to the debate but also that of the Europe too and where necessary the power of the Worldwide Vending Association too.
People mean success
The vending people are the key to the success of the AVA and to the industry. Ensuring that those working in vending have the right qualifications and are therefore assured and competent in their work is vital. AVA has awarded more than 5,000 certificates in basic vending hygiene and health and safety to vending operators and field service engineers – all of whom have successfully completed the AVA course on Health, Hygiene and Safety.
Podstawy Higieny
AVA can also supply this information in their native tongue for many of the newer recruits to vending. The current popularity of Podstawy Higieny Przewodnik dla Vendingu is a testament to how many dedicated and hard working Poles are making a significant impact on the life of the UK vending industry.
With that background of achievement it is no surprise that the AVA Continuing Professional Development (CPD) programme to recognise the specific skills of vending operators has in just the first few months after successful completion of the pilot project clocked up in excess of 100 CPD badged bronze and silver operators.
Those operators who are doing their employers and vending proud with their skills have come from a range of AVA member companies which include Autobar, Automatic Retailing, Bunzl, Coinadrink, Connect, Express, Myrtle, Simply Drinks, Sodexho, Supercups and VMI.
If you want to know more about this great opportunity to both recognise your staff and give them the opportunity to enhance the image of your company when wearing their badges to demonstrate their high level of skills in vending contact
AVEX 2009 – Birmingham, 10th/11th June
AVEX – two days of fun and business in the dynamic heart of the England at Hall 1, NEC Birmingham Wednesday/Thursday 10th /11th June 2009. Featuring not only all that is best and new in vending but also the water sector,  through it’s new partner the European Point of use Drinking Water Association.  In 2009 water exhibitors will be mixed and mingled with the vending stands to offer visitors a truly integrated experience.
Wednesday night will be party night and in best vending and showbiz tradition we are going to ‘hold the party right here’. Yes, the party is going to be in the exhibition. The best of all worlds – a relaxed atmosphere with food and drink and music and the chance to show off your vending innovations to customers.
Can’t get better added value than that, unless it is the Thursday morning brunch to revive returning visitors who enjoyed the party and want to see more of what AVEX has to offer and to welcome the second day’s new visitors.
Space sales will open in June when we will be staging the AVEX ballot. Get more information on this and other excitements planned for AVEX from
Catch it on the Net
A new AVA website will be launching this spring This has been designed with members and visitors in mind, easy to navigate and packed with information. The public face of the site will feature the AVA Directory of members with links to all members’ own sites as well as masses of facts emphasising the benefits of vending.
On the members-only site will be exclusive technical know-how and information.
If you want to be among the first to see the new site and browse the detail therein email and she will ensure that you are alerted to its launch.
Quality Vending
The AVA Quality System has for more than a decade been the backbone of the AVA. But that isn’t all the AVA Quality Co-ordinators have in their portfolios. Both Steve and Simon are fully qualified Lead Auditors and if you want an excellent vending aware audit of your ISO 9000: 2001 programme then look no further than the AVA.
Contact if you are in the South or if you are in the North for more information on how they can conduct your ISO audit for just £475 per man per day.
AVA and its members make maximum use of IT but recognise that there are still times when traditional print is just what you need – like now, when you are reading the trade magazine, there are times when you just want to see it written down.
Every quarter AVA gives members this chance with the new NetworkV – a cheerful reminder of all that is going on in the association’s work plan plus details of the great regional social and business events.
Leave them wanting more
If this has wetted your appetite for news of AVA then don’t forget the Annual General Meeting to be held on Thursday 1st May, alongside the Macmillan Charity Football Match at Rushden & Diamonds – more information on football from and the meeting from
AVA has been recognised as a mark of quality for its members and sets them apart from the rest.
We work hard at staying close to members and follow those issues that are important and impact on our industry. Give us a call (020 8661 1112) or email ( us if you have an issue or just want to give us feedback.
We’d love to hear from you!