Coinadrink marks six decades in business

Coinadrink Limited is celebrating its 60th birthday as of February 2022. 1962 was when the company first opened its doors and it is still be going strong six decades later.

Managing director Roger Williams has steered a tight ship based on values that have been in place right from day one. By putting his people first, he has moulded a culture that both staff and customers are happy to buy into.

There have inevitably been challenges, but the ethos of the company has seen Coinadrink navigate them meticulously. Mr William’s respected position in the vending industry, which includes being a long-term AVA board member and treasurer, delivers a calm presence that displays leadership in the team.

To mark the occasion Coinadrink business has expressed its gratitude to those within the industry. “It is only when you stop and reflect, that you realise just how far our industry has come, and many innovations and milestones have very much been shared triumphs.”

“It has been a privilege to share best practice with some of you, celebrating the success stories and overcoming the perils. On the latter point, Covid-19 instantly springs to mind, though this again demonstrated the advantages of vending that perhaps only those in the industry were always aware of.”

“We are delighted to share that our business is in a very strong position as we enter our seventh decade trading across the West Midlands and immediate surrounding areas.”