Coffee-tasting in Colombia

On holiday in Colombia recently, AVS Chief Executive Brian Tustain found himself in the northern port city of Cartegna, and took the opportunity to visit the port facilities and quality control operations of the Federation National de Colombia, (FNC) which represents the coffee growers of Colombia.
“It is a substantial operation”, he explained, “moving large quantities of coffee, both soluble and beans to virtually every continent around the world. Cartegena is one of the up and coming ports in Colombia used by the FNC for the export of coffee beans.
“In order to ensure the farmers who supply the FNC receive the best and fairest price, they in turn must achieve a high and very exacting standard of quality. This is rigorously tested at each stage of the distribution process. Before each batch of coffee beans is shipped, a small sample is roasted, ground and tasted at the port. Assuming the batch passes the tests, each container is lined meticulously inside with brown paper to prevent excess moisture. I was hugely impressed at the quality of the procedures, and the volumes of coffee beans which are moved.”
Along with the port experience, Simon Villegas, from the FNC treated Brian to a guided tour of the beautiful sights of Cartegena, and rounded off the day by tasting some of the samples of the excellent product.