Coffee, Love and More – Falling in Love in Italy

Falling in Love in Italy, the official title of the 19th Lavazza Calendar, a statement that Lavazza has been proudly promoting for years, thanks to a succession of international photographers asked to give their personal, unique interpretations of the “Belpaese”.

Following on the great values of Italy depicted in Annie Leibovitz’ edition in 2009, and the theme of famous Italian songs interpreted by Miles Aldridge in 2010, it is Mark Seliger, the famous American celebrity photographer, who has been asked to immortalise the essence of Italianess.

Seliger’s work has been displayed in museums and galleries all over the world, and he is best known for his creative shots that transform real life into art. Through his lens, Seliger reveals the secrets of that timeless image of Italy as the country of love, where beauty, art, nature and history influence and invade our consciousness, leading us almost inevitably towards feelings of love. Six different stories told in a humorous or surreal way, marked out by time: “six intimate moments involving him, her and coffee.”

“Being a photographer is also about being able to stretch yourself, to make a situation credible, so you can show the connection between people,” explains Mark Seliger. “It’s about making up a story and then telling it, you have to make it real. What made me fall in love with Italy was the ‘combination’ of people, there’s a certain quality of life that makes Italy truly unique.”

As with the previous editions, the creative direction of the 2011 Calendar was entrusted to the agency Armando Testa.