Coca Cola engineers rely on ByBox

Coca Cola are one of the most well-known and valuable brands in the world. To maintain their reputation for excellence, they must ensure that they work with companies of the same standing. ByBox is proud to provide a range of products to their field engineering operation in the UK. Coca Cola field engineers receive and return items into ByBox’ bespoke drop boxes which are situated at convenient locations around the UK. The parts they receive are used to repair/replace faulty parts in their vending machines.

ByBox deliver in night pre 8am, which has resulted in greater productivity by Coca Cola engineers as the items they require are available at the start of the working day, enabling them to concentrate on the job in hand. ByBox’ Thinventory™ software platform ensures complete visibility of these parts throughout the supply chain. A great service which allows Coca Cola to monitor where parts are at any time and ensures they stay ahead of the field.