Coca-Cola Amatil Australia to pilot new cashless vending technology

Coca-Cola Amatil (CCA), in partnership with Vending Management Services Limited (VMSL), is pleased to announce the upcoming pilot of their Cashless Payment System and Cashless Reconciliation Engine (CRE) for Coke Vending. Coca-Cola Amatil is launching into credit card and scheme-based debit card payments at vending machines.

Gary Meier General Manager Coke Vending says the initiative is in response to Australian consumer research: “In Australia, cards already account for more than half of all immediate purchase transactions. We are bringing vending machines in line with how consumers like to buy. People will still be able to use coins and notes in the vending machines if they wish, or take advantage of the new technology and purchase using a credit card or scheme-based debit cards. This initiative is about making the vending experience even easier and more convenient for busy consumers.”

Coca-Cola Amatil Australia operates more than 35,000 vending machines, most of which deliver nightly online transactional data via telemetry devices supplied by VMSL.