China VMF hailed as a success

The fifth edition of the China International Vending Machines & Self-service Facilities Fair in Guangzhou came to a successful close on March 3.

China VMF brought together 21,080 domestic and overseas visitors and more than 230 manufacturers, suppliers and operators.

Exhibitors such as Easy Touch, Ubox, Kubota, TKB, Fuji Electric, Easivend, Kimma, TCN, Xingyuan, Fu Lei, Foxconn, Yinhai Star, Convenisun, LE Vending, Yile, Joyi Vendor, En-snow Group, etc. occupied over 11,000sq m, divided into three exhibition areas: manufacturer equipment, operators and dealers and food and beverage suppliers.

One of the more impressive aspects of the show was the diversity of vending machines on display. A wide range of goods sold by vending machines could be found on site.

Dates for the 2018 edition of the show are yet to be released.