Cheque out the offers at AVEX

Something new for visitors to AVEX 2009!  They will receive a unique cheque book of special offers from exhibitors, being produced by Vending International. The cheques (which will not bounce – important in the current economic climate!) are sponsored by exhibitors who recognise the opportunity to offer an incentive (small or, perhaps, large) to visitors to drop in on their stands during the show.

For exhibitors, the AVEX/VI cheque book gives a unique, low-cost opportunity to spotlight new products or services, to announce AVEX offers, or simply to make new contacts. Cheques can be for anything from free gifts, money-off incentives, special AVEX offers, or simply a cup of coffee and a rest!

It is an innovative way for exhibitors to let everyone know exactly what special offers and features they have available at the show – and, importantly, to draw visitors to their stand at the exhibition.

There will be a maximum of 20 cheques in the cheque book and, with nearly 100 exhibitors (so far), speed is of the essence to reserve a personal cheque offer. The cheque book will be distributed with Vending International  and to all show visitors on arrival in the registration area.

To secure a cheque, contact Jenny Thompson on 01622 699131 or email her on

Cheque it out!