Charting the future of beverages

With so much disruption in markets and marketing, a one-day Global Beverage Insights conference is being held in London on May 16 to help business leaders, strategists and researchers in ‘Charting the Future.’

The first session on global market trends will include experts from the United States, China and Japan.

Consumer and retail disruption will be addressed by speakers from IGD and Kantar.

Emerging technologies will be covered by IBM on uses for blockchain, the founder of Dirty Lemon on conversational commerce and new market dynamics with an adviser to Anheuser-Busch InBev and Suntory.

Zenith Global will share new findings on zero drinks, functional beverages, plant-based beverages and ethical marketing.

The day will finish with a panel discussion on Anticipating 2030, led by Jerry Fowden, Executive Chairman of Cott Corporation.

“The aim is to provide a complete world view in just a day for anyone developing future business strategy,” commented Richard Hall, Chairman of global food and drink experts Zenith Global, which is organising the event.  “We hope to offer numbers and forecasts as well as ideas and alerts in abundance.”