Cashmaster partners Scan Coin

PR Cashmaster-SCAN COIN[1] copyCashmaster International has confirmed a major new partnership with Scan Coin, a member of the global SUZOHAPP group of companies.

Under the terms of the deal, Scan Coin has secured exclusive rights to distribute the company’s latest edition of count-by-weight cash-counting products, the Cashmaster One series, in several European countries including the Netherlands, Belgium and Spain.

Gordon McKie, CEO of Cashmaster International, commented: “We are hugely excited by the recent launch of the new Cashmaster One range, and we perceive real growth potential within several existing and new markets. Our new partnership with Scan Coin is a significant step for us in achieving this objective within Europe.”
Eric Chappuis, Affiliated Product Manager of Scan Coin, commented: The partnership will offer us exclusive rights to an industry leading product using the very latest technology and functionality in count-by-weight cash-counting solutions. Its breadth of functionality across the range, intuitive easy-to-use menu system and multi-connectivity options allow for the most complex of cash management solutions.”

In other SUZOHAPP news, Scan Coin recently participated in the European Central Bank (ECB) seminar at the Banco España in Madrid. During the event a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on the adaptation of the new €50 banknote was signed by banknote equipment manufacturers and partners.