Carl Bjorkstrand and Andy Porter named in AVA Board changes

Carl Bjorkstrand, Managing Director of N & W Global Vending UK, has been elected to the AVA Board after a close fought election, while Andy Porter, Managing Director of Crane Merchandising Systems Europe, was the unanimous choice of the AVA Board for the role of Vice Chairman for 2008/2009.
More than 50 per cent of AVA members cast their votes in the recent election for the Machines and Components seat on the AVA Board – a record for the AVA and a level of participation to be envied by those running national elections.
Although new to the AVA Board, Carl has already enjoyed success working with other industry bodies both within the UK and the wider EU. He was a founder member of the European Vending Association and served on its Standards Committee, developing the MDB and EVA-DTS protocols. As a member of the EVA ‘euro’ Committee he was heavily involved in the design and smooth introduction into vending of the euro.
Carl’s pragmatic approach was invaluable in determining the role c10c plays in the industry and in enabling the introduction of this legislation to be as smooth as possible.
Carl’s initial term on the AVA Board will be for two years and he joins a strong team under Chairman Barry Bennett, comprising Richard Allen, John Bell, Mike Fulford Brown, Roger Bunn, Neil Dobbs, Quentin Knowlson, Stuart Neal, Andy Porter, Mike Potts, John Stott, and Brian Tustain.
Carl’s predecessor in the Machines and Components seat, Richard Brinsley, steps down after two separate terms on the Board during which he served as South West Regional Chairman, Technical Committee Chairman and as a member of the AVEX Organising Committee. Richard will continue to play a role in the work of the AVA, the EVA and the EVMMA.
As Vice Chairman, Andy Porter will additionally serve alongside the Chairman and Treasurer on the AVA Executive, whose role it is to look to the future and to bring strategic ideas and plans forward for Board consideration. He will thus be playing a significant role in the ongoing review of AVA and its future.
Andy rejoined the AVA Board about a year ago having previously served from 1999-2004 under the chairmanships of John Short, Ernie Johnson and Simon Willis.
Andy is dedicated to industry bodies and has shown a particular interest in environmental issues as both a long-term member of the Board of Save a Cup Recycling, as one of the AVA nominated Directors and as a member of the c10c Board which has produced the best possible solution for recycling of end of life vending machines.
Andy brings not only his excellent personal skills to the role of AVA Vice Chairman but also the combination of his experiences of working within an operator company and now a machine manufacturer.